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Multiply Handicapped

About the Program

SCOE offers a specialized program that delivers an environment tailored to meet the unique sensory, cognitive, movement, and medical needs of each individual student ages 5-22.  The philosophy of the MH/MF program is to provide students with a caring and supportive environment that fosters the development of their individual strengths and meets their highly specialized needs.  IEP goals and objectives selected for this population are based on the student's current level of functioning and developed utilizing the California Core Curriculum Content Standards and the M.O.V.E. curriculum. (The M.O.V.E. [Mobility Opportunities Via Education] program is designed to help people with severe disabilities learn the skills needed to sit, stand, walk and transition.  Combining natural body mechanics with instruction, learning occurs while students are engaged in real life activities.) 

Program Goals

  • To develop each student's strengths in order to facilitate optimal independence

  • To provide multi-sensory stimulation that fosters student growth and development

  • To create a nurturing environment that enables the students to develop the Core Curriculum Content Standards at their individual level of functioning