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Mission Statement

The staff at John F. Kennedy is committed to maximizing student potential utilizing a functional skills curriculum that focuses on independent living skills, communication, self-help, and positive social interactions for students 5-22 years of age with intellectual, behavioral, and physical disabilities.  All students are valued members of society who are capable of learning and deserve to be treated with dignity, understanding, and respect.


Vision Statement

Our vision at JFK is to empower and support students by employing three basic standards of practice.  Everything we do should be Justified, Functional, and Kind (J.F.K.).  Justified is looking at the “what” in our action.  We consider if what we are doing will move students toward their goals while adhering to our training and best practices.  Functional is looking at the “why” we do what we do.  We look at the skills we are giving our students to ensure they translate to real world application for independent living skills, vocational or job skills, and self-help skills. Kind refers to the “how” we do things.  We should all be cognizant to respect each individual’s humanity.