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Empowered Students, Enriched Lives

John F. Kennedy (JFK) is a public, segregated site serving the multiply handicapped and severely handicapped behavioral population ages 5-22.  The program centers around positive behavioral strategies, sensory integration and a functional skills curriculum that facilitates independence.  Each student has an individualized plan that incorporates vocational training, life skills instruction and transition skills, including mobility.  The highly trained staff at JFK are committed to maximizing student potential by giving our students the skills to become contributing members of our society.

Multiply Handicapped Program

A specialized program in a caring environment tailored to each student's unique needs and goals

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Severely Handicapped Behaviorally Challenged Program

A specialized environment with a unique emphasis on positive behavioral management, vocational communication, and life skills

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JFK serves students ages 5-22
The programs serve the multiply handicapped and severely handicapped behavioral populations
JFK Staff are committed to maximizing student potential
We're here to support students and their families


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Connect With SCOE

    JFK is such a friendly and welcoming environment. People are excited to see my son, and the staff doesn't see him as a burden.
    Nothing seems like a surprise to them; Nothing seems like it's too difficult. It's a sweet environment.JFK Parent

    We appreciate the entire village that surrounds our extra special kids and the way that they care for them so deeply. 
    When you get to go drop your kid off at JFK in the morning, you get to exhale and breath for the first time in years.JFK Parent